Saurav Singh Chandel

About Me

I am Saurav Singh Chandel, a tech enthusiast passionate about coding and space exploration.

I am currently a student pursuing a dual degree in Computer Science and Mathematics at Memorial University of Newfoundland. As part of my academic journey, I am in the process of developing my portfolio website. This website will serve as a showcase of my skills, projects, and achievements in the field of computer science and mathematics. While it is still under development, I am diligently working on creating a user-friendly and visually appealing platform to display my work. This portfolio website aims to demonstrate my passion for these subjects and highlight my dedication to learning and growth in the field. Stay tuned for updates as I refine and expand my portfolio website.

MacBook Air beside gold-colored study lamp and spiral books
MacBook Air beside gold-colored study lamp and spiral books

Research Papers

Our study on machine learning for decision-making unveils that starting with random guesses, especially with ε set at 0.2, outperforms commencing with all zeros in the multi-armed bandit problem. Our findings emphasize the critical impact of initial conditions on computer learning efficiency in situations with incomplete information.

This paper presents efficient mathematical function upscaling using Feed-Forward Neural Networks, enhancing low-resolution datasets for high-quality outcomes. Exploring activation functions and network configurations, the techniques find practical application in real-world scenarios like image upscaling.

This research navigates the dynamic field of machine learning optimization, focusing on the design and empirical evaluation of Python-based algorithms for both single and two-parameter loss functions. The findings provide crucial insights and practical guidance, empowering the machine learning community to make informed decisions for optimizing model performance in the ever-evolving landscape of artificial intelligence.

Note: These research papers were written as a part of a course